Head: Snake Eyes v1
Torso: Snake Eyes v1
Arms: Airborne v1
Waist: Roadblock v2
Legs: Airborne v1
Accessories: Marauder rifle

This figure is another member of my Desert Strike squad. I wanted to try and paint some camo patterns on my customs, and this specific desert pattern was something I tried (unsuccessfully) to replicate on 1:35 soldiers as a kid. I'm quite satisfied with the way it looks now!

Snake Eyes is my favorite character. I reckon some people will think the black mask will look strange on the desert camo, but in my opinion, Snake Eyes equals black mask. Plus I'm sure that's what he would have looked like if he had made an appearance in the Marvel comics. So that was the only way to go. I also favored the commando gear over the ninja background, so he isn't carrying any edged weapon.

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