For this figure I used an Obi Wan-Kenobi head, he had a hole in his mouth for a breathing aparatus, I filled it in with green stuff and sculpted a longer goatee. The body and belt come from the Indiana Jones line by Hasbro, the body is that of the German soldier and the belt comes from an Indiana Jones figure.

The hands come from a 25th anniversary comic pack Destro figure, the Hat came from the Wild Bill figure from the G.I. Joe Rise of Cobra figure line. The coat, pistol and hankerchief come from a Golden Compass figure Lee Scorsby. Finally the sabre comes from a Pirates of the Caribbean figure.

I wanted to do something with the extra wild bill hat I had and finally decided on an anti-wild Bill. I created a cobra infantry officer, hell bent on chaos and mayhem. Someone who hated the modern U.S.A. I hope that I don't offend anyone with this figure.

Initially the founding member of a civil war recreation society. Johnathan Revelle was kicked out when his members discovered he was more concerned with hate speeches and planning to overthrow the government than re-enacting historical battles.

Spreading his hate throughout the southern states, he didn't find any real support until he was discovered by Cobra agents. While not supporting Revelle's ideas Cobra was more than willing to help a potential terrorist, who could bring down the U.S.A government from within America's borders. With Cobra providing him weapons and money, Revelle took on the name Johnny Reb and has declared a guerrilla war on the U.S.A. The Commander's only condition was that he not wear the Cobra insignia.

Revelle is adept at using a cavalry sabre and pistol, in battle he often likes to yell out Confederate battle cries as he rushes into the ranks of G.I. Joe.

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