Head: '86 Wetsuit
Torso: '91 Red Star
Arms: '87 Gung Ho
Waist, legs: ARAH Cobra Commander V3
Backpack: '86 Hawk

I couldn't find body parts to reflect the overall feel of the Palitoy Red Shadows figure, aside from the Red Star torso that is a favorite of customizers (and the Collector's Club). I then aimed to make a more heavy-duty trooper, less dressy and more aggressive looking.

Without any ARAH heads to mimic the Palitoy figure, I reluctantly chose the Wetsuit heads. They're adequate at best, but in all-red pass for a troop builder design.

In a working version of this custom I went with another head to mimic the red ski masks look seen in Devil's Due. However, I'll use it down the road for another figure.

Colors & Paint:

Red and black with white eyes.

Sculpting and modifying:

I removed the star from the Red Star upper torso belt buckles as well as hose posts from the Wetsuit heads.

Thanks for looking.

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