Head - Cobra Commander '84
Torso - Storm Shadow '84
Upper Arms - Tomax/Xamot '85
Lower Arms - Quick Kick '85
Waist - Storm Shadow '84
Legs - Slice '92

Sword: Storm Shadow V17
Dragon's toes: Slice '94 sword handle + Storm Shadow V20 daggers

Gamyeon was born on the island between Japan and South Korea, Tsushima Island. His father was from Japan, his mother from South Korea. Because of that, he was taught two styles of martial arts: Ninjitsu from Japan and Tae Kwon-Do from South Korea. Mastered both of them and started using his skills on tournaments around the world. The Kumite became more and more known over the years. Gamyeon heard of it too and is eager to enter the arena to measure his skills with the other fighters.

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