Head: StarWars Night Sister
Body: Renegades Cobra Commander
Hands: StarWars Aurra Sing
Legs: ROC Cobra Commander
Cape: Unknown

Count Chocula AKA The Count AKA Doctor Count Chocula, whatever name he goes by, the world knows him as the leader of the C.A.B.A.L. (Cereal And Breakfast Anarchy League.) With his minions (See also Franken Berry) he works to wreak havoc on the health of the world via their most influential minds: children. What we know about him is that back in the 70's, The Count started playing the long game. He preferred his blood to have a sweeter taste to it, and devised the means with which to make that happen. He introduced to kids everywhere his brand of breakfast cereals. Now, you may think that this doesn't sound nefarious, but you haven't seen the photos from --------, where he deployed the Franken Berry to intimidate the locals into making his cereal at a cheaper price point. Fast forward to the present, and The Count has a sugary stranglehold on the cereal aisle, and the kids from the 70's make for delicious adults now.

// Thanks to KilCarr for Bio help!

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