Head, forearms, shoulder armor: Scalpel
Rest of figure: Snow Serpent 2002
Goggles: Depth Charge
Pouches and Med gear: Chap Mei figures

Filename: Frieze, Arkady Vladimir
Birthplace: Buenos Aries, Argentina
Primary Specialty: Medical Doctor
Secondary Specialty: Field Surgeon

A brilliant surgeon, Frieze had his liscense stripped from him after a patient died on the table. Adamant that the death was not the rsult of his actions, Frieze returned to South America, where he worked patching together soldiers, mercs, and anyone else who could afford him.

While working for a warlord in Rwanda, he had a chance encounter with a Cobra agent who recruited him to their cause. Gaining the attention of the Commander, Frieze was had selected for the 181st Serpents Team.

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