Head: Zartan 2002
Body: Snow Serpent 2002
Mine, pouches, tools: Chap Mei soldiers
Grenade pouch: Big Ben 2002

Filename: Scott, Alex L.
Birthplace: Seattle, Washington
Primary Specialty: Demolitions
Secondary Specialty: Mechanic

Facinated with fire and explosives since a young age, Avalanche worked from the Seattle PD's bomb squad for almost a decade. Known for his proficiency with disarming and identifying explosive devices, one day something snapped and he began to construct explosives himself.

Believe he had made the explosve cease what they were meant to be, Avalanche detonated bombs and various devices, not only as a protest but for the pure adrenaline rush.

Besides explosives, Avalanche spends his spare time rebuilding classic muscle cars and inventing his own extreme sports. Full contact golf and minefield snowboarding are among his personal favorites.

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