Head and torso: Comic Pack Zartan
Arms: Gnawgahyde
Waist: Blocker
Legs: Road Pig

Another character I took from the fb game Marvel Avengers Alliance. I found him very interesting and I think I could integrate him into my Joeverse by saying he is an international asset from Greece, expert in vintage and modern weapons, both ranged and melee one. This guy doesn't ask questions, he just kills the enemies. He is just too violent, and because of that he is under the vigilant eye of Sgt. Slaughter.

I've had fun making the helmet and the mask. The mask was made with epoxy and lucky me, I succeeded at the first try. The helmet is a regular Joe helmet with custom "plume, crest" made with green stuff and a mini broom I've had for years in the custom box.

Comic Pack Zartan head and torso were perfect for the character, only thing to do was to paint the skin tone to match the Gnawgahyde's arms.

About accessories, I just gave him a custom painted E. Honda axe but I would like to arm him with a proper sword, mini gatling gun and a revolver.

Thanks for looking.

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