Ultimate Thor head
MU Hercules belt chest, arms and feet
MU Cable legs
Lion's head from a Chap Mei knight figure.

Cobra had gone looking for a new PT Instructor when they realized Big Boa wasn't enough to train their entire organization. They'd heard rumors of a World Warrior who was deceptively fast for his size, and one of the last known masters of Pankration. They sent Tomax and Xamot to make him an offer with a small group of CeeGees. Tomax and Xamot were sent limping back to Cobra and the CeeGee's are still missing. All Tomax would say about it is "He said he was keeping them."

Artaxias is not the nicest or humble of individuals, but he is an honorable man, and truly only looks to expand on his art.

Ever since I was a kid, I loved Street Fighter. I would take every opportunity to learn things about the game, and its characters. I made the first, but certainly not the last of a series of original characters based in the world of Street Fighter. My wife actually taught me how to lay paint on better and it would not have turned out this smoothly without her assistance. What you may not immediately catch on to is that his tights are the colors of the Greek flag, The Golden Lion title is a reference to the Nemean Lion of mythology and even his name Artaxias means "Lion-King."

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