Head, chest/back, arms: Star Wars- Slave Leia
Waist, legs: Star Wars- Rystall
Bear Mask: Star Wars Clone Wars- Yoda, heavily modified
Balloons: Scratch built


Candy Appel, a costumed party balloon bear/daughter of a Cobra Crimson Guard, became Ripcord's Girlfriend. Then Scrap Iron killed her.

The design was pretty easy, combining the streamlined parts leftover from my early Marvel Baroness and Crimson Asp customs. The Rystall feet made for good costumed bear shoes. The bear mask is a prop sculpted over a Yoda head. It does not fit on the figure's head. I modeled the figure after Herb Trimpe's Order of Battle artwork, which does not show the clown cap on top of the bear mask.

Colors & Paint:

Based on the comic book. The balloons are sculpted from an opaque material, but painted in semi-metallic colors to help create the right look. Simple colors were used for the balloons, with bronze replacing yellow as to not compete with the blonde hair.

Sculpting & Painting:

The bikini top and arm decorations were sanded away, then the rest of the body was reworked to simulate fur. The hair on the Leia head was removed and re-sculpted. The Yoda head was also heavily modified to make it appear bear-ish. The costume tail and balloons are sculpted. The balloon shapes were surprisingly hard to create, as balloons aren't really round or oval, but a bit roundish in the center and stretched at the ends.

Thanks for looking.

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