Head: StarWarsGeek cast
Torso and upper arms: Rise of Cobra Storm Shadow
Lower arms and hands: Kwinn
Legs: DG Cobra Commander with tape for boot cuff
Belt: Wolverine Origins Deadpool
Nunchuk: TMNT Minimate
Tech 9: Captain America 1st Avenger Crossbones
Sword and scabbard: Storm Shadow

When they showed the 80's era version of Deadpool in all of his Tom Selleck glory, I had to make a custom version of it. But I couldn't come up with the right head. Biggs didn't have the feathered hair. The club's Cleansweep head was perfect, but not cheap to get a hold of. Then comes StarWarsGeek with the perfect cast head. I put superglue on his chest and arms and then smashed him into the carpet. A little paint later and he was perfect.

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