Head: Chun Li Modified
Neck Ponytail: Scarlet Modified
Body: Scarlet Modified
Mask: Unknown Modified
Sword: Snake Eyes 2003
Dagger: Unknown Ninja Force

I wasnt thrilled with the way my last Jinx turned out. And as my new scult collection grew I new she needed a total rescult as well. So using another Chun Li head and chopping up Scarlets I came up with a head sculpt that would work. Granted its not perfect and maybe a tad oversized but hey it doesnt look to shabby. After this I took Scarlets body and started to work sanding down some of the leg belts. Its hard to tell in the picture but I carved details into the black areas of her sides and legs. A mask was horrid. I had been looking for one for awhile now with no luck. So I opted for this Mask wich seemed to be from some sort of snow trooper. I cut out an eye slash took off the afew added pieces and painted. Granted I should had made the color sceme of the mask oposite of what it is but oh well. The look I was going for was Brock Lees Jinx Card figure shown here. http://www.brocklee.com/comic/gijoe/JINX_CARD.jpg

Not the best but pretty desent I think.

EMail me your comments or suguestions.

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