Hair........ Comic Baroness

Head....... Scarlett "Dojo outfit" (v5)

Entire Body......Retaliation Lady Jaye

Lots of paint

From the Desk of General Clayton M Abernathy:

People refer to me as the backbone of the G.I.Joe team. Well, if I'm the backbone, then this kid is the FULL embodiment. Literally!

She has the best of both worlds, the brains, tactical know how, combat logistics, people skills, the whole ball o' wax! Of course being the only kid of Joe Colton and Jane Martelle is a tough enough job, but Josephine knew more about quantum physics and military strategy at age 9 than most Generals and rocket scientists when they die.

She was top of her class in track & field and a Gold medal contender in the Olympics until she dropped out unexpectedly to teach at Annapolis.

She can read a battlefield like a book in seconds. I swear she can tell you where the bullets are gonna go before they are even fired, BUT SHE'S A MEDIC! WITH NO GUN! If she ever gets hurt out there, Joe won't just kill me, he'll park a damn tank on top of me!

Lift-Ticket field report: "I have seen that lil' lady jump clear outta my chopper with nothing but a med kit, 20ft above a hot LZ, hit the ground rollin', dodging fire from all directions, just to get a bandage to a guy with a flesh wound. It brought a damn tear to my eye."

Nightingale: "Why bright crimson for my outfit? It's a new age Teflon/Kevlar poly-composite with built-in tactile response interface that- Oh, you mean the color. Well, DUH, because aunt Shana & uncle *CLASSIFIED* picked it out for me! You know him, "move with the wind" and all that."

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