Head-SW Honor Guard
Scarf-Avac's Lab
Body-Slaughter's Marauders Falcon
Webgear-Retaliation Flint w/ extras
Bacpack-Falcon or a version of Firefly

In my Joeverse, Falcon is an E-7 SFC and represents one of the "first shirts" of the Joe team who also works as a field medic. I was never a big fan of Falcon as a kid because I saw the action figure as a replacement of Flint (too many similarities between wearing a beret and using a shotgun), and Flint was my favorite character. But I really wanted to make a 50th style custom of this figure. I really like the Slaughter's Marauder body, but I toned down the bright lime green parts by washing them in a dark green. I really like the way this custom turned out!

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