Head - custom cast (Doc with beret added)
Arms - Leatherneck
Torso - Wild Weasel
Waist - Red Star (modified)
Upper legs - Crankcase
Lower legs - Skidmark (modified)

Assault rifle - Marauder Inc.
Semi-automatic shotgun - Destro v10
Pump-action shotgun - Falcon
Belt - Cross Hair

Back Up was a concept character designed by Hasbro for the Renegades team, but was never put into production. Dan Klingensmith shared the concept art in 2016, and since then I've wanted to make a custom ARAH version of the character, the form he would have been released in had he made it past the design stage. I'm quite pleased that I was able to find parts that match the illustration very well, not to mention the accessories. When the custom-cast head became available I knew exactly what I was going to use it for. OreoBuilder did a modern version of this character in 2017, and went with a caucasian skin tone. But I noticed that the alternate code name on the illustration was Heavy Duty. So, this character might have gradually morphed into Heavy Duty in the Hasbro design department, and as such I went with an African-American skin tone.

Based on his design, it's obvious that Back Up has more of a military background than the other Renegades. But there has to be some reasons why he's a Renegade instead of a part of the regular Joe forces. I'm thinking maybe he was part of a Special Forces unit but was court-martialed and convicted of a crime he didn't commit?

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