Head: Custom elven head - modified to fit o-ring (Zarana's head donor)
Torso: Zarana (v1) 1986 - modified
Upper arms: Dr. Mindebender (v1) - 1986
Lower arms: Lady Jaye (v1) 1985
Waist: Lady Jaye (v1) 1985
Legs: Lady Jaye (v1) 1985

A friend of mine wanted an original female character from the Predator universe, so I created the following narrative and character:

Maria Jose "Amazon" Frayer was born into the Val Verde communist rebel movement from an indigenous mother and a father from East Germany. Ever since she was a little jungle girl, she trained alongside the rebel warriors that aimed to overthrow the government. She became a highly skilled guerrilla soldier, specialized in jungle warfare tactics like building traps, camouflage and setting up supply routes through dense vegetation. Not long after she was stationed near the Guatemalan border, an unknown helicopter crashed near their hide out and foreign Special Forces soldiers attacked the next day. Amazon and her friend Anna pretended to be kidnapped civilians and tricked the soldiers in to sparing their lives. That night, three of her captors disappeared and Amazon was able to escape, losing track of Anna in the fire fight that followed. She encountered the American soldiers one more time...their skins removed, hanging upside down from a tree.

Now solely relying on her combat training and survival skills, Amazon is ready to face the "demon" that hunts the jungle during hot summers. Will she be the next trophy, or does the "predator" become the prey?

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