Head: '93 Law
Torso: '87 Blaster
Arms: '86 Sci-Fi
Waist: '91 Sci-Fi
Legs: '86 Sci-Fi

"An old threat has re-merged with a mission to bring the world as we know it to its knees. Led by the enigmatic, Col. Panzer, it is simply called the Axis. To battle this new incarnation of evil, the Joe team has unleashed a team of 'Allies' led by the original Joe himself, General Joseph Colton. Colton and his clandestine team of hero's have declared war on the Axis of evil, but the fate of the world is in your hands with these heavily armed, fully posable action figures!"

"Stormtroopers are the backbone of the Axis Forces. Each is highly trained and wholly dedicated to the cause. They undergo extensive training in weapons and tactics, including subversive warfare and guerilla operations. They are capable of combat in any environment, their armor includes a built in life support system and oxygen rebreather. From diving undersea to HALO jumps, these guys can do it all.
Scary doesn't begin to describe these fanatics. Whether its protecting an Axis stronghold, or executing terrorist operations within the US, they possess a vigor the Joe's have rarely encountered. Unlike your basic Cobra Viper, the Axis Stormtrooper lives prepared to die for what they believe in."

I went through a few different design iterations, before settling on this recipe. As with most "army builders", I am not content with just one, and like to have multiples. So far there are currently two completed Stormtrooper figures, but the basis for the figure includes relatively easy to acquire parts and a simple paint scheme making him easy to reproduce.

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