head: '92 TCB Hawk with beret added
torso: '86 Iceberg
Arms: unknown
Waist: Unknown
Legs: '86 Lifeline

"Everyone knows the Renegade's are an unruly bunch with a disdain towards authority. This can often lead to clashes between the small clandestine unit and GI Joe Command, which is where Back Up comes in. He's the Liaison between the Renegades and the Joe team, and is tasked with the unenviable task of keeping the peace between the two.
Back Up is a consummate professional. He's stern, but compassionate. He's personable, but not overly friendly. He can lead you with a carrot, or crack down with a stick. He didn't ask to be assigned handler to this group of heathens, and often wonder who in Joe Command he ticked off to have given this thankless job."

Based on an unused concept drawing and largely inspired by a few customs that had come before, Back Up is a new addition to my '87 assortment of figures, and as the above bio states, he's the man in middle between the Joe team and Renegades.

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