Head: unkown
Arms: '86 and '91 BAT
Torso: '92 Eel
Waist: '94 Sci-Fi
Legs '94 Sci-Fi

File name: Unknown
More machine than man; as his name implies, Arsenal is a living weapon. Believed to have been a Viper in a previous life, Arsenal has been cybernetically enhanced with next generation target acquisition computer and his appendages replaced with a Wide beam high density concussive cannon and an air-cooled, rapid fire pinpoint beam laser. Arsenal is also equipped with one-man hover board utilizing next generation repulsor technology, allowing him to strike from land or air.
"A perfect blend of man and machine, and is believed to have been designed as the next generation BAT. Though recently seized documents indicate the Arsenal program has proven not cost effective and was therefore discontinued. That's a blessing considering that even one of him is enough to reduce a GI JOE platoon to wreckage in a matter of minutes."

I'd had the concept for this figure for a long time and the Laser Wave subset seemed like the perfect place for him.

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