Head: Major Altitude
Torso: Duke '93
Arms: Hotseat
Waist: Major Altitude
Legs: Major Altitude
Extra: ROC MARS Trooper

So I just changed Major Altitude's name to just Altitude, I know that's the name of a Sky Patrol character but I didn't want to copy anyone else's name here. To me Major Altitude was a cool figure but I didn't like his torso and arms, it fit for his specialty, but I wanted him to change to be more casual and a cargo pilot. I felt that being a US Army cargo pilot is pretty fitting to me, as he can be the Co-Pilot to Wildbill's C-130. I know in the drawing giving him an AK doesn't make sense but to me it's his self defense weapon that he had modified for whenever the plane gets hijacked or they crash, he can defend himself. The one thing I didn't get to add to the drawing is his mustache.

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