Main body: Sand Scorpion

Eye stalks: Jar Jar Binks

Claws: Some Monster Rancher

Really wanted a figure to show my feeling toward the whole Venom troops idea. While there were lots of lame figures to chose from the Sand Scorpions just sort of stands out amoung the others floating around in the bowl.

So I cut the legs above the knee and then glued it back on at a 90 degree angle. Cut off the hands and replaced them with claws. Got a warm fuzzy feeling cutting up the head of Jar Jar Binks, then I glued the eyes to the top of the head. It was still not quite lame enough so I took part of one hand, cut off the nose, and went with that Dr. Voidburg look.

Over all I think I really captured the look of where the whole Venom thing is going to go if Hasbro does not drop the idea soon and focus on cool Cobra troopers instead.

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