Head: Budo (Modified)
Pony Tail: Omega Red (Toybiz X-men line)
Body: Mindbender
Arms: Crystal Ball (Modified)
Crotch: Road Pig (Modified)
Legs: Big Boa
Cape: Fabricated using dimensions from
M. Bison figure

One of many MK characters I have done, Fujin prooved to be one of the toughest. At first I did not know what to use to make him, and he really just came together once I found the pieces. Much of his head and arms were sanded down to removed certain details from the actual figures.

His cape is removable. It attaches to the two yellow circles on his chest. The two circles were from two yellow Lego pieces and I just cut off the circles and added them to his chest.

In case you don't know who Fujin is, he is the God of Wind who takes over Raidens job as protector of earth when Raiden becomes an elder god.

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