Head: BAT v1
Torso: BAT v1
Upper Arms: Crystal Ball
Lower Arms: BAT v1
Waist: Crystal Ball
Thighs: Crystal Ball
Feet: BAT v1

Back Pack and Attachments: BAT v1

In his never ending quest for power Crystal Ball experimented with the most economical means of creating an army. The C.B.A.T. (Crystal Battle Android Trooper) is his foray into the field of robotic/android soldiers. The C.B.A.T project reached the initial prototype stage, but has been put on Hiatus by Crystal Ball sighting the need for elusiveness over firepower. C.B.A.T.s are unreliable, need constant supervision and repairs, and even though their movement is quite rhythmic they lack any effective hypnosis powers. In the end clones of Crystal Ball just make a superior army.

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