Head: Big Ben with epoxy and Headman ponytail, twisty tie glasses.
Chest: Crystal Ball
Arms: Crystal Ball
Waist Night Creeper Leader
Thighs: Night Creeper Leader
Feet: Night Creeper Leader

When Crystal Ball needed a general to lead his army he ordered just what he wanted from the cloners on Kamino. With their genetic expertise they built Crystal Beav out of the Seventh clone of Crystal Ball's Seventh clone. Parts of the genetic make up of a beaver were added for its craftiness and engineering skills. Crystal Beav was trained in all modern warfare tactics as well as communications methods. He is a very skilled leader, great at what he does. Some soldiers see Crystal Beav as a Tyrant, others see him as charismatic and fair; either way, with Crystal Beav leading the Crystal Army means big trouble for both G.I. Joe and Cobra.

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