Head, torso, waist & legs: Alpine v2
Arms: Croc Master v2
Beer can: BBI grenade

This guy was a blast to make, though his face was hard to paint.

Just gotta love the shirt, hat, tattoo and beer can! And how about the busted down Parasite up on blocks in the front yard??

Coming soon! Bride of Redneck! Keep an eye out!!!

No one is sure how Bubba got to be on Cobra Island. At first he was thought to be a deserter, but no record was ever found of him. Then he was thought to be a GI Joe spy, as he will get in a fight with just about any Cobra who crosses his path, but as Cobra Commander says "The GI Joe team has SOME standards!"
All they are sure of is that he has declared squatters rights inside the Cobra junkyard and will not leave. Some how he manages to smuggle cases of beer and pork rinds onto Cobra Island, much to the annoyance of the security forces. Cobra W.A.S.P. teams are called out on a regular basis to break up domestic fights between him and his wife; "I watched him beat the snot out of Big Boa once, but he gets his butt kicked every time by his wife, it's weird!"--CQB Viper
"He will sit on a pile of junk and take pot shots at Secto Vipers on patrol and then be gone like a cockroach when we sweep the area."---Wasp Viper
"Yeah, sure, he may be able to tear down a Hiss Tank engine in 5.3 minutes, but all I know is I am getting tired of throwing him out of the Cobra Officer's Club every time he gets drunk and starts a fight!"---Riot Viper

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