Hair: Calisto (Xena)
Head: Stalker (Vers 2)
Torso: Storm Shandow (Vers 2)
Arms: Roadblock (Funskool)
Skirt: Count Dooku (Attack of the Clones)
Waist: Snakeeyes (Vers 8)
Upper legs: Storm Shandow (Vers 2)
Lower legs: Night Creeper (Vers 1)

This is a self-custom.

Anraztemehk is based off of a comic book character that I draw. He is the Arch angel of balance and fights against a number of villains. His major archenemy is Xnaiv Podax, who has proclaimed himself the Anti Chain.

Anraztemehk has existed for several centuries or cycles as he would call it. His mother is a Serafin known as Jeroma Keket and his father is the infamous Serafin Zaymiel. He is the only child of his mother but the 12th child of his father.

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