Head: Lowlight v1
Torso: Gen. Flagg
Arms: Gen. Flagg
Waist: Gen. Flagg
Legs: Gen. Flagg
Accs: Order; pistol from acc pack, medic kit from Lifeline v1.


It takes a special breed of soldier to go out into the battlefield and bravely disregard the dangers posed to them, and risk their own lives to save their fellow comrades. It takes an even more special person to be able to do all this, plus withstanding the frigid environment of the Arctics. SNOWMAN fits that bill. He's quick to jump to his patients aid, knowing that he's given a shorter period of time to help them in this freezing weather. His loyal companion, FROSTY, is also characterized as such, making them a MUST in any arctic operations.

Notes: While people will realize that these characters were named after storybook characters, they're more special to me, as it is dedicated to our departed family dog, Frosty, a japanese spitz, who had been in our life for several years, and I wished I spent more time with him before he passed away. This is my way of remembering him.

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