Head: Dead or Alive figure, the one with the purple hair

Neck: VvV Jinx

Torso: VvV Jinx

Arms: VvV Bombstrike

Waist: VvV Jinx, modified with rubber bands to hold weapons

Upper Legs: VvV Jinx

Lower Legs: VvV Snake Eyes, first edition

Jinx as a child was found outside of a monastery in Japan; her true parents left nothing but a note on her basket, claiming that, "Wherever this child goes, calamity will follow." Having no name, the monks titled her "yakubyougami", or jinx in Japanese. They kindly took her in and cared for her, never noticing a problem in her infancy.

When she reached the age of a toddler, though, a very real problem began to emerge. She could cause mischief in a blackened room, describe objects with her eyes blindfolded, and perform seemingly impossible feats without sight. When her eyes were open, however, she seemed perfectly normal. After a year of this bizarre ability, the lesser monks became terrified, thinking that she had been touched by some blind demon. Their master, however, took mercy on her. He carried her up Mount Fuji, to a hermit that he was good friends with. The nameless hermit took the child in, and Jinx's days in the monastery were over.

He taught her proper Japanese and English, and for ease, began to refer to her as Jinx. There she learned of her ability, The Blind Eye that Sees. For some unexplained reason, she did not have to be trained, and in fact has a better understanding of her environment when her eyes are shut. She grew up happy in her solitude, and the hermit trained her well. Her problems began in adolescence.

Within a year, she went from a happy and polite child to a bitter and despondent teen. Wanting more from her world, she often snuck out at night and stared down at the city of Kyoto with envy. Though the hermit tried to calm her with more training, she began to feel inadequate, never quite excelling or meeting her master's skill level. And when she asked about the mysterious red bands on his arm, he never told her their meaning or purpose. All he would say was, "A great mistake in my youth."

There is an omittance in her past between her troubled youth and when she became involved in the US military presence in Japan. She claims he let her leave when she had asked, but this seems to be an anomaly that must be looked into further.

At some point, she was found diseased and nearly starving outside of a military base in Kyoto. She was taken in and fed out of mercy, but soon the soldiers learned that she could not be contained nor removed. Even when sent out into unfamiliar areas, she would repeatedly return miraculously to the base. Whereas the soldiers saw her as a burden, the commanding officer took note of her amazing abilities and told a friend of his, General Hawk, about this ability.
She was then sent to America to participate in a program known as GI Joe. There, after excelling in a brief military bootcamp, she was accepted into the already large GI Joe unit. She is the youngest member of the team, at 18 years of age. Though Hawk tries to team her up with Snake Eyes, hoping that he can train her patience and respect, they never seem to get along. As Scarlett has documented, "She is nothing but a jealous teen. She hates Snake Eyes because of what he reasonably refuses to teach her." Scarlett went on in the transcript to describe her as haughty and easily angered, traits which Snake Eyes views as inappropriate for his fighting style, The Way of Arashikage. Though her blind abilities are without compare, and she is able to best numerous opponents in night combat, he apparently does not see the qualities that are desireable for a practitioner of Arashikage. She is never allowed to participate in a mission where she could encounter Storm Shadow. It is obvious that she is obsessed with Arashikage culture and traditions, and Snake Eyes will not teach her. The fear is that she might turn to Cobra to find the answers that she craves.

She is best with non-lethal weaponry, such as the bowstaff and especially a nightstick. She is somewhat clumsy and uncoordinated when able to see, but when blind, she ceases to fight like Jinx. It's as if she can see beyond the norm.

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