Head: Master Gunzz DTC Range Viper
Torso: DTC Footloose
Arms: DTC SAW Viper
Waist: ?
Legs: DTC Monkeywrench
Vest: Gung-Ho v.11
Helmet, goggles, gun, jump kit, pouches & pistol: BBI
O2 tank: PTE Firefighter

G.S.W.* was a team member of the NYPD's E.S.U. (Emergency Services Unit), an all encompassing team that performs high angle and dive rescue, emergency medical services and of course standard SWAT needs. He was recruited by the Old Man to join GI Joe's newly forming SWAT team to be their tactical medic as well as a regular member of the team.

"I shoot holes in the bad guys and plug holes in the good guys. It's as simple as that."---G.S.W.

"I don't go on a mission without him at my six."---Standoff

*G.S.W. = Gun Shot Wound

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