Head : Jinx
Chest : Jinx
Upper arms : Jinx
Lower arms : Scarlett
Waist : Jinx
Thighs : Jinx
Boots : Scarlett
Shawl : Major Bludd
Blindfold : Jinx

As a kid I never had her biography card, so I just assumed that she was a Cobra. It was quite a surprise when I learned that in fact she was a Joe. That just made the character more interesting because I then began using her as a Cobra infiltrator. Then at some G.I. Joe convention they released an exclusive infiltrator Jinx figure with a cape, which is an awesome character. I didn't include the cape but the shawl definitely makes up for it. It goes good with this chest. I like how her Joe star is completely concealed by the Cobra insignia when she is wearing the shawl. Thank you for looking.

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