Head: Cross Country
Torso: Storm Shadow
Arms: Dr. Mindbender
Waist: Cross Country
Upper legs: Cross Country
Lower legs: Storm Shadow

This was a really fun custom to do. My friend and I were joking about my Cross Country collection one day and he suggested I do a Ninja Force version. I laughed at him and then saw the pieces fall together in my head. When I got home I put the parts together and I couldn't wait to paint it. The head took a little prep work though with sanding the hat off and wrapping with plumber's tape to make a mask. I tried to stay true to the original colors of Cross Country but make them a bit more muted.

I guess I should give a short bio of why Cross Country would be in Ninja Force so here goes. Cross Country had proven himself as one of the best tracked vehicle operators in any environment and even proven his worth as a double agent by going undercover inside Cobra. Now he set his sights on a new goal and that was honing his body to be a weapon. Initially skeptical, Snake-eyes refused to take part in the training. He left it up to Banzai and Bushido who did a great job. But after seeing the dedication on Cross Country's part, Snake-eyes relented and Cross Country found himself learning at the feet of a true Arishikage master. He learned the best he could and while he was never given a full spot on the Ninja Force team he is there for them if they ever call. And if for some reason Cross Country is forced from his vehicle in battle then the enemy would be wise to keep their distance as Cross Country is now just as dangerous on two feet as he is in his HAVOC.

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