Head: Cross Country
Everything Else: Funskool General Hawk

In my continuing effort to place Cross Country in every conceivable environment I came up with this custom. I used the Sky Patrol formula of full repaint of another figure from the neck down with a new head. The hat was sanded off of the head and then I added Sculpey to make the flight suit's hood. The Helmet was too short to fit over Cross Country's enormous melonhead so I added a small ring of plastic to the bottom of it to raise it up and enable it to fit. So now the Sky HAVOC has an official driver and Sky Patrol has another member. And I was even able to explain Hawk's flightsuit in the bio.

Hawk helped design the flight suit and jet pack and was the first to wear them in the field. The jet pack had limited flight capabilities and low fuel capacity so he rarely got over 100 ft. off of the ground which was plenty high to get a bird's eye view of the battlefield and launch a few offensive rounds at the enemy. After going back to his desk job the suit and jetpack were retired. A few years later Roadblock decided to give the flight suit a try as a space suit and quickly proved that it was not designed for a space environment.

This is when Cross Country found that the flight suit and jetpack could best be used for a high altitude attack if he could hitch a ride on a larger aircraft to the heights he had in mind. He had a very hard time convincing Hawk to give him the opportunity, especially when he heard Cross Country's idea for the ride to the upper atmosphere. Hawk finally gave in after he tired of the begging and figured either he would succeed or die, either way he wouldn't have to listen to him anymore.

When the Joe team captured a Night Raven they were not able to capture the drone along with it. It is in this place that Cross Country literally piggybacks into the sky. After reaching altitude he unhooks himself from the bindings that hold him through the take off and leaps from the back of the jet. He glides silently through the clouds until he nears earth when he fires up the jet pack and storms over the enemy's heads into their backyard. Recently he found another skill and successfully boarded a Night Raven in midair and was able to hold the pilot at gunpoint through the windshield. He was certain he had just captured another Night Raven with the drone until Static Line, who was left in charge of the Sky HAVOC, shot the jet's engines out and Cross Country was forced to fly free of the Night Raven as it crashed into the mountains. But that didn't stop him from mounting up on the Sky Raven on the next flight to the skies.

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