Head/arms/legs - Blanka - Street Fighter Movie edition
Torso/waist - Crystal Ball

I got the Street Fighter Movie version of Blanka in a lot of other figures, and was somewhat perplexed. What ever was I to do with this odd looking figure? His crotch was broken, there was no hole in his back to un-screw the body, and those legs... Next to useless. But that head... where had I seen that head before? And then it hit me... he was the grimacing image of Crystal Ball! So I pulled out the legs to unhook the o-ring and remove the waist. It took a little work to crack open the torso and get the head to sit in the Crystal Ball torso properly. Amazingly, I had some turquoise paint that matched the skin tone perfectly, and I just had to mix up a dark grey that matched the pants on the waist... a little orange and black for the finishing touches and viola! Of course, Crystal Blanka doesn't really fit into my Joe universe, so I shipped him off to join the Crystal Army.

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