Head: Comic Pack Tunnel Rat
Torso, Arms, Waist: Big Ben V4
Legs: Duke V1
RPK Machine gun: Marauder, Inc.

Alekhin was born somewhere in Siberia, though where and to whom is unknown; found wandering alone at the age of four he spent his formative years in orphanages. A quiet, serious boy he showed a strong aptitude for mechanical things and was trained as a small-arms armorer by the Red Army when he came of age.

His aptitude for the RPK machine gun would come barely two years later during fighting in Chechnya. As his unit took losses and their numbers dwindled more and more men were assigned to front-line duty with whatever weapons were at hand--in his case, the RPK, which as an armorer he knew more about than even some of the infantrymen he served alongside. That slight edge apparently helped, and over the next several months of his tour he proved to be a formidable warrior with the machine gun, fierce and capable and skilled at working as part of a fire team. He earned several decorations, enough to attract the attention of the Oktober Guard when they came looking for a machine gunner to fill out their ranks.

A big thanks to Chief for providing the name for this one.

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