Head: Heavy Duty 91
Chest: Repeater 88
Arms: Doc 83
Waist: Hardball 88
Right thigh: Dusty 91
Lift thigh: Dial-Tone 86
Feet: Tunnel-Rat 87

M16: Winter operation 05
Medical case: Lifeline Tiger Force 88
Gun: Unknown

Code name: Dogtags
File Name: Tyler, Craig H
P.M.S: Combat medic
S.M.S: Interpreter
Birthplace: Detroit, Michigan
Grade: E-5
S.N: C10-H0-T2001
Motto: No one dies on my watch!

Dogtags is my first painted custom. I showed a few of my mates they all said nicely done.

Dogtags was originally in the Infantry he was nicknamed Kickback because he was so laid back on the frontline. Dogtags fought in Afghanistan & was on patrol with his unit, when they came under fire from the Taliban. He took a bullet to his arm, while six of his buddies where mortally wounded in this battle. Of the dead soldiers 5 were his mates. the sixth was the medic. Several days later, back at the field hospital, he burst into his commander's office to asked for a transfer to the medical corp. The rest is history

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