Head - 25th S.E.
Torso, Arms, Upper Legs - 25th Serpentor
Lower Legs - 25th CC
Shield - Alley Viper V.1
Sword - 25th Serpentor
Guns - Various Joes

From The Iron Barron:

"Intercepted Intel"

Cobra Super Soldier Project:

Name: N/A
Primary Specialty: Hand to Hand Combat
Secondary Specialty: Search & Destroy

While hacking into the Department of Defense data base, a Tele-Viper came across a buried file on the U.S. Super Soldier project from back during WWII (the Project that produced Captain America). Thinking this information would be valuable he down loaded it to the Cobra main data base. He gave the file to Dr. Mindbender and the good Doctor went to work. After several failed attempts to find the right candidate, Mindbender found a Neo-Viper whose DNA structure was similar to that of Capt. America. The formula worked perfectly turning this faceless Neo-Viper into Cobras newest soldier, The Cobra Super Soldier.
Dr. Mindbender being the genius that he is added parts of the Serpentor strain to the formula to increase the Super Soldiers "Nastiness" and knowledge of military schemes. What do you know it worked, Cobra's new weapon not only had super-human strength, and he also had a super-nasty disposition and hatred of G.I. Joe. The Super Soldier was put through numerous tests for endurance, speed, strength and intelligence. In his final test he was sent to a remote location on Cobra Island to take out a heavily guarded Cobra garrison on the far side of the Island. He did more than take out the garrison, he captured every Cobra soldier in the garrison (That's about 150) in less than an hour. When questioned about not killing the soldiers, his response was "The Best Cobra soldier is an obedient soldier". It was at that point Dr. Mindbender knew he was ready to lead Cobras best soldier against G.I. Joe.
So begins the Super Soldier Wars.

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