Head - Torch
Body - Unknown CORPS Figure

ARC was a mechanic in the motor pool at Fort Wadsworth on Staten Island. He was stationed there and didn't know that the G.I. Joe team was using it as cover for their operations.

After the Cobra attack on Fort Wadsworth, ARC helped Clutch repair most of the damaged Joe vehicles. Clutch suggested to General Hawk that ARC would make a good addition to the G.I. Joe team.

ARC's distinctive look came from an operation later when ARC grew his hair long and grew a mustache. It was clear to General Hawk and Duke that he looked similar to Torch when he did this. ARC infiltrated a Dreadnok base where he was captured. Utilizing Torch and Ripper's weapons ARC escaped the Dreadnok base. ARC then requested to G.I. Joe command to keep the stolen Dreadnok weapons and the new look because "It kind of suits me".

Request was approved by General Hawk.

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