Head: Lady Jaye V6

Body: Irina Spalko - Indiana Jones

In my Joeverse, Destro and Baroness had a daughter not a son. Named after the Greek Warrior God, Athena (AKA the Duchess) leads the Iron Grenadiers, while her half-brother Alexander is the heir to MARS.

Before she was born, her mother fled to the JOEs for protection from Cobra Commander. Upon giving birth, orders where given to take the child from her until she cooperated. She never did. The Baroness didn't even know the gender of her child. Cobra Commander later kidnapped the infant to use as leverage to gain control of MARS. On the eve of World War III, Baroness sees her daughter and names her Athena.

Please bear in mind, most of my customs are LBC. I don't paint very well, so I pick parts that go good together with little or no paint.

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