Head - Unknown $ Store Figure
Entire Body - Breaker (ROC)

Pistol/Back Pack/Med Pack - Lifeline

The G.I. Joe team needs a Field Medic/Rescue Trooper. General Hawk has recruited Lifeline to the G.I. Joe team.

He is usually stationed in THE PIT, but is also trained for field work.

I had bought an extra ROC Breaker because I wanted a Breaker with the original head set and back pack. But I couldn't get a head to work. I had this head laying around and modified it to work on Breakers body. I couldn't figure out a name or specialty. Then I remembered the episode of G.I. Joe where Brie Vanmark gave LL the new uniform, and how LL still wore the sunglasses. I am really happy with this version of Lifeline

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