Head: ROC Flash
Body: ROC Desert Ambush Scarlet
Backpack and Swords: ROC Red Fang Ninja (modified)
Night-vision goggles: Desert Storm Luke Skywalker Jedi (Expanded Universe)

I was inspired to make this figure from some pictures I have seen from other 'customizers'.
Using the head of Flash is a neat idea, although Ninjas don't use 2-holes masks... unless you count the ones from the beginning from the Blade II movie.
So, using that concept, I gave this Jinx 'night-vision' goggles.

I warmed the head with a blower and make the jaw thinner, so that the figure looks feminine.

I took the 'Bag' from one of the accessories from 'Hard Master' and added to the belt. No Guns for this Ninja!

The swords can unite, just like Storm Shadow's swords in the movie. The original Jinx has 2 swords, and a "naginata". So now she has 2 weapons in 1.
Plus, I modified the backpack, so that the swords don't look too high on the figure's back.

I am personally pleased with the results.

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