Head: SW Juno Eclipse single carded figure
Body: ROC Camo Scarlett
Hat: ROC Pit Trooper Boonie
Backpack: Resolute CP Destro
Scarf: Resolute CP Destro
Belt: ROC Hawk
Briefcase: ROC Hawk
Oxygen mask: (butchered) SW Luke helmet from CP with Mara Jade

Her scarf is not just a fashion statement:

Joe-verse wise - She covers up the long scar on her neck. She received on a mission when she volunteered to provide medical assistance to a hairy hostage situation.

Reality wise - I butchered her neck gluing the base of the ROC Scarlett body to the top neck post on the SW Juno Eclipe figure. This was my first full on neck mod. The ball joint on the SW fig was way to big and I didn't want to build up the Joe neck base. I opted to slice the ball joint off and re-glue. Unfortunately, I cut the Joe neck base too short.

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