Head: Footloose V1
Chest: Sidetrack V1
Arms: Freefall V1
Hands: Stalker V17
Middle Piece: Leatherneck V1
Upper Legs: Recoil V1
Lower Legs: Recoil V1

I have a had unique interest in the structure of the military of the former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (U.S.S.R) since early in my teenage years. Much of my early knowledge was based on movies like Red Dawn and The Hunt for Red October.

In the movie The Hunt for Red October I was introduced to what is referred to as a Commisar or Political Officer common in most branches of the U.S.S.R. Military. The first impression that I had gotten of the Soviet Political Officer was that of a puppet, a soldier brainwashed by the Communist Party. A soldier that was assigned to military units to ensure that those units followed the ideals of the Communist Party. I was left with the impression that the Commisar was often viewed as a threat and often despised by senior officers. This was the start of the character of CPT. Krimov in my JoeVerse. I also wanted to acknowledge the character of Red Star, but not make him the Commander of the Oktober Guard.

When COL. Brekhov was apparently killed in Sierra Gordo, CPT. Krimov was assigned by the Soviet High Command, commonly referred to as the Stavka, to replace COL. Brekhov as the Commander of the Oktober Guard. In truth COL. Brekhov, Shrage, Stormavik and Horrorshow; were under investigation by the Stavka for apparent acts that contradicted the ideals of the Communist Party. Once COL. Brekhov was cleared of all charges he returned to Command the Oktober Guard. At that time CPT. Krimov was permanently assigned as the Political Officer of the Oktober Guard. He is mistrusted by all members of the Oktober Guard. CPT Krimov sees himself as a non-combatant and feels that it is his duty to stay alive. CPT. Krimov would save himself even at the cost of the lives of the other members of the Oktober Guard. He feels that this is not cowardice but dedication to his duty to report the actions of the Oktober Guard directly to the Stavka.

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