Head: '83 Beachhead
Torso: '89 Darklon
Arms: '87 Psyche-Out
Wasit and Legs: '86 Serpentor

Constrictor is an amphibious commando for Cobra's South American Command Division. He's an expert with all forms of aquatic assault including troop coordination logistics, underwater demolitions, and operating the Rothor.
GI Joe had better be careful about cornering this feisty foe, as Constrictor is just as dangerous on land as he is in water, and his literal army of slithering serpents is never far behind.

This figure was actually planned as an update to the Croc Master. However, I wasn't getting a crocodile feel from him as all of the armor scaling was too small, and just felt too snake like. Instead of scrapping the entire project, I decided to finish the figure up and make him part of Forca Fera as a new character.

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