head - mego wonder woman + fake fur from rabbit foot
chest arms - yvonne 8.0 zica toys
waist - legs tunnel rat
hands - skybat
coat - fashonista barbie
rifle , radio - 1/6th

based on ARAH toon Red Guard version of Daina

Verona - Oktober Guard Eastern Intel / Sniper / Communications

Verona has no use for her original name as long as her people live in the shadow of the DeCobray. Her family had a long lineage as a barony going back to the Ottoman Empire. It was under the cloak of night in the shadow of the cliff of her home she was rushed to safety while the rest of her family was slaughtered by order of the new despots. They even gave her name to their new born daughter. Verona has sworn that she will bring justice and freedom to her people from DeCobray and their "Baroness". Her sniper skills are incredible in urban or wilderness. Her obsessive actions towards The Baroness, make it for the best that she is often the furthest from the action. Her connection to European royalty has made her intelligence gathering a wellspring of information that Central Command would likely never be able to acquire.

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