head - custom cast mego marvel black cat
upper chest - zica toys yvonne 8.0
torso - hitech
arms - tunnelrat
hands - gung ho
lower legs - stormshadow
feet - scuba duke
chest armo - randy orton create a wrestler
mask - arctic duke balkava, top of battlefield cobra commander helmet
maori mask - dark ninja master
handgun - tunnel rat
short sword and sheath - snake eyes

Whisper was a commission made for Justin Bell as part of a secret santa exchange. A sigma style figure based on his Hasbro Pulse GIJOE character that was in the final four vote.

Whisper was raised in Cobra, one of the few surviving natives to the pacific island that Cobra had taken up residence during the events of Operation: Lady Doomsday. Trained at a young age by the elite Crimson Guard and other Cobra Elite operatives. Specializing in martial arts, silenced weapons, sabotage, covert ops and disguise. In the wake of the Cobra/Coil civil war and the culling done by the Red Shadows, Whisper returns with a vendetta against GIJoe and the support of a new commander.

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