Whole body = JvC Scarlett

Well, I've always wanted more Crimson Cobras. They just appeal to me, and well, I had a spare Scarlet hanging around. My main problem with the JvC Scarlet was the hair... it just looked rather naff, so I decided to create some myself. I must say that I am very pleased with how the hair tuned out.

Name: Crimson Assassin
Specialty: Assassination
Little is known about the "Crimson Assassin", except that she is trained in several forms of martial arts, and an expert killer. Rumours suggest that she is related to Cobra Commander himself, though these cannot be proven. The Crimson Assassin's preferred weapon is a "stinger" pistol, which delivers a silent, but deadly poison dart into its target. The darts are so small, that they are hardily noticed, giving the poison time to kill the target.

"We sneaked in through their sewers, concentrating on our target, not realising that the soldiers behind us were being picked off. When we got out, I saw a woman in a Crimson bodysuit, but she left before I could fire!"

Taken from Tunnel Rat's statement on the failure of the Dragon Nest siege.

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