Head: Clutch
Torso, Arms: Recondo
Waist, Legs: Dusty

Coyote was an expert in human intelligence collection, covert action, and counterterrorism and has a career in the "Collections Department" dating back to the early 1980's. His focus has been on Arab nations and organizations throughout the world, particularly the group known only as the "Shining Sword" terror cell. He has seen action in the former Communist countries (the 'stans), in the West, and at the UN.

He is currently serving with the G.I. Joe team as part of a foreign exchange program.

"It's no secret that we do all sorts of cunning things in the Mossad. The sort of cunning things I decide to get involved in are better kept a secret."


This guy came out of the parts bag a piece at a time. I was looking at 1984 and 1985 figures, and decided that I liked how the parts came together. All the pieces for this custom (Including the equipment) were given to me free at the 2006 Joe Canuck meet. I posted it, because I've recently heard that people really like to see parts swap customs, because they are more likely to try them out than something with a lot of sculpting or painting.

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