Head: '93 Beach Head V2
Arms: General Hawk V2 (1986)
Torso, waist, legs: Comic Pack Kwinn
M249 SAW: Bbi

Okay, so this is more about imagination than reality; this wasn't a real concept idea, just one that popped into my head while trying to decide who I wanted this guy to be.

The start of the idea was with the arms: I had a pair of Gen. Hawk arms already painted and sealed using enamels that had been sitting in my fodder box for years. I matched them up to an armless, headless Kwinn body, added a head (at the time '01 Duke), gave it a machine gun, and set it aside; after getting back to it I decided the easiest route was to paint the body to match the arms, and since the paint was so close to Cobra blue, I thought, "Hey, why not some sort of early SAW Viper?" Lacking a head I liked, I opted to make him a concept design rather than an actual figure. This is the end result we have here.

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