Head: Flint V1
Torso, arms: Comic Pack Tunnel Rat
Waist: Greenshirt
Legs: Unknown

Cougar is a career soldier and veteran of many battles, and his experience is a boon to any team he works with, and when it comes to weapons, he's hard to beat.

It's said there isn't a firearm out there that Cougar hasn't seen, fired, modified and taken apart and put back together blindfolded. He keeps the Joes' weapons in good order both in and out of the field and is quick to add his own firepower to theirs. His preferred weapon is the M249 SAW though he can and will use anything that comes to hand, from a rusty musket to a Browning .50 cal...they're all the same to him.


I had this guy cobbled together for a while but with no solid plans what to do with him. As I started painting him up I considered making him either a "heavy" version of Flint or an older Falcon; in the end, I made him someone totally new and am quite pleased with the results.

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