Various RoC Scrap, including some Spring-Loaded weapons & missile, backpack, controller cable, air canisters, & various tech detail fodder.

This was created while taking the Custom Class 2010 at the GI Joe Convention in Providence, RI.

I started by taking the claw weapon & cutting the green control/springy off what would have been the 'back' of the claw. I pulled the claws out to become 'legs' and set it upright on them. I used an x-acto (or Kona) saw to cut the end off another spring-load missle, and glued that to the top. I popped the end ring off a third spring load weapon and glued it around the base of the missile. I found a couple of those purple air-tank things, and glued them in one quarter of the piece, and drilled small holes in the adjacent quarters to accept the hose. I took the handle from the spring-load that I had split with my needlenose, and found a Breaker cable, as well as some kind of hand-held controller -- I glued all these together, and started looking for a place to attach it to the machine. Not finding a good spot, I went hunting in the fodder, and found a Firefly backpack. I took off the removable plate and glued it to the machine. I drilled through the plate & machine until I could fit the connection cable in. The final piece of tech detail to the machine is one of the Doctor's nano-injection devices, which I glued on to act as an antenna or something. Then I also found that box thing for the top, just in case they needed to transport the CON-Traption and didn't want to get burned...

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